2015 MLS Pre-Season Begins!

Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day. I got a beautiful feeling everything’s going MLS’ way. The MLS pre-season kicked off today with a flurry of activity both snow-related and soccer-packed!

Some were just ready to get working right away…

Some were ready to show off their new threads. That’s a hot red RSL!

Million dollar smiles trying to distract us from that Ashley Cole announcement the entire league has been anticipating…

Some teams were all about their medicals and fitness tests…

What’s a pre-season opening day without an AFCChampionship wager?

Because everything’s better with the Minions.

Houston Dynamo and its supporters announced that they will be moving the new “Zona Naranja” in sections 215-17 on the north end of the stadium.

Some were wearing hard hats? But hey, whatever it takes to get this reconstruction process moving along.

Some are actually planning a move! Construction on Vancouver’s state-of-the-art National Soccer Development Centre (NSDC) fieldhouse is underway (a year ahead of schedule!).

We’re still confused about this one… but hey, watch out for the man in black.

Brek… Did anyone ever figure it out?

Also, you will be graded. Soccer Smart quiz scores will most likely replace SAT scores at least in our world.

DC has the right idea… get out of dodge.

NYCFC too. Get out of Jonas’ path right away.

Dom, being Dom. Doing Dom things like being more popular than his team’s social media account and extending National Hug Day because he can.

Breaking… NYC is still RED. Unless the blue team can prove otherwise.

And FC Dallas being just awesome – opening their first official training day, to the public. That’s class.

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