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Women’s World Cup Coverage

Hope Solo at the USWNT Media Day in NYC. Asking reporters gently to remember that it's not about where she's been, it's about where the team is heading. Photo by: Chandrima Chatterjee
Hope Solo at the USWNT Media Day in NYC. Asking reporters gently to remember that it’s not about where she’s been, it’s about where the team is heading. Photo by: Chandrima Chatterjee

There is a focus for the Women of the 2015 US National Team. To Win. Never before have so many factors contributed to a picture-perfect storybook backdrop for the USWNT to bring home a much-needed World Cup trophy. All eyes are on the ladies! And we are delighted to have a dedicated team of female journalists and contributors to cover the beautiful game. We’ll be sharing game highlights, interview footage, player profiles and stories from their counterparts too! Stay tuned.

“It’s bigger than the organization. This is passion. This is life. This is our sport.” — Head Coach Jill Ellis was asked to comment on the breaking FIFA corruption story, and she reminded everyone to keep things in perspective. Corruption shouldn’t overtake the dedication and hard work of players who have been working non-stop to play their beautiful game.

Reminder: Women play it smart. The turf lawsuit was not heading anywhere therefore, Abby Wambach and the rest of the women chose to drop the lawsuit to focus on getting their job done as best as they could. There’s a lesson here. Pick your battles wisely and then show that you can overcome the obstacles. No one says it better than Abby though.

“We’re at a point now, where if we win this thing, this could be huge.” – Carli Lloyd.


Who Are We?

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Hi! We’re Women. We’re United. We’re…

not technically an FC, because we don’t play soccer together often – it’s hard to get us all together in one physical place. But we are a team across the world that rallies behind the growth and promotion of all things soccer-related, in the US and all over the world. And many of us play soccer or have played at one time in our lives. We began as a supporters club and platform for women to openly discuss soccer, and we’ve grown into a media voice. Our strength lies within a community that has been simmering for years, a national community of women and men who believe in the power of soccer to enhance people’s lives. You know that special sound you hear in a soccer stadium? Close your eyes and imagine yourself being surrounded by that roar, a roar that grows with every minute, as another voice joins in, until years later, that roar of women openly enjoying the most beautiful game in the world along with men bellows across the country and world. Music to our ears. That’s how we see it.

We are a group of women in media who will not only bring you game recaps and player interviews, we will share with you stories of courageous women, athletes, mothers, daughters, coaches and students. We love the men of the game too and with reason – they’ve been some of the biggest supporters of us since the beginning! So, you’ll see lots of MLS and US Soccer news here. At WUFC, we’re about breaking barriers, open dialogue, honest insights and a positive spin on the game that joins us together.

WUFC 2.0 is Media and Community. Join us!