Drama in Columbus Escalates but Concludes?

Drama in Columbus Escalates – Bye, Kei.

So, did Kei Kamara know it was coming? Ever since Saturday’s scuffle there has been rumor after rumor about where Kamara would be by the transfer deadline and today. We found out this morning that he was traded to New England Revolution for general allocation money, targeted allocation money, New England’s highest First Round MLS SuperDraft pick in 2017 and Second Round pick in 2018, one of New England’s international roster spots for 2016 and an additional percentage of Kamara’s future transfer fee. 

One report rumors that Allocation Money to be $300,000 but another report (see below) shows it is much higher. Either way, that’s a win as many view it to be the largest TAM/GAM deal in MLS history.

So, they’ve traded away arguably the face of the team and the leading scorer. Obviously the locker room drama was worse than reported previously. According to a tweet from Shawn Mitchell for the Columbus Dispatch, Gregg Berhalter, Head Coach and Sporting Director, said, One person isn’t bigger than the club. We’ll deal with him not being here and we’ll move forward.”

Then, there’s this. Interpret it as you’d like.

Whatever other chapters were written, they looked past at least many of them in the not-so-distant past when re-signing him in the off-season through 2018 as a new DP. And March 2nd feels like a distant memory.

Crew SC take on the Colorado Rapids on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. What will the vibe be? Will the team chemistry be better or worse? Let’s hope they can put it aside and win some games. I for one, wish Kamara all the best, I will certainly miss seeing him play. As for the Revolution, now they have Charlie Davies, Juan Agudelo, Teal Bunbury and Kei Kamara. In the competitive East that means Kei will be asked to take on a leadership role scoring goals which he will likely relish. 

*editor’s note: Last night, I erroneously reported a trade between Columbus and Vancouver for which I blame no one but myself for not double-checking on information that turned out to be bad. This mistake should in no way reflect on WUFC writers or other members and founders. I take full responsibility for the lapse in judgement and poor execution. I’m incredibly sorry for this and I’d like to move on from there to work towards becoming a more reliable news source. -Chandrima Chatterjee, WUFC editor and creative director

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