Inside Sports Science with LA Galaxy’s Alex Savva

Last year, LA Galaxy announced the formation of the MLS’ first Sports Science Department, and we had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Savva, manager of the new venture, to learn more about the initiative. It’s a big step incorporating nutrition and exercise science into an overall fitness program for athletes and even bigger when you consider it from a developmental point-of-view. Starting with youth academies and following that player all the way through to a professional league would be a huge boon to healthier and more competitive players, less injuries and overall more fit teams. It could even, over time, increase the caliber of play across the league. An investment in exercise and health science multiplies over time making it an incredibly important first step for any team.

Alex Savva previously worked at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in their sports nutrition program. Savva studied Sports and Exercise Science and obtained his Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University.

Take a closer look at his role in our YouTube #WUFCInsideSoccer series.

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