MLS Match Review: FC Dallas 1, Colorado Rapids 1

Kyle’s Weekly Colorado Corner: Three Thumbs Down, Three Thumbs Up!

Colorado remain at the bottom of the Western Conference and head to the Citrus Bowl for a Wednesday match against Orlando City. Dallas, in 4th place in the West, return home Friday to host the Houston Dynamo.

Three thumbs down:

First thumb down goes to Drew Moor’s circumstances. First of all, why was he not wearing the captain’s armband? I know when he was out due to his knee issues it got passed around a lot, but I can’t reason why Sam Cronin was wearing it, especially when Cronin did little of value in the game. Besides the captain’s band, Moor also started on left, not his strong suit. He belongs in the middle and it showed, as he also brought little to progress against FCD.

Photo by: Abelimages/Getty Images
Photo by: Abelimages/Getty Images

Second thumb down goes to the commentary on UniMas. I don’t mind not having my home announcers, which is good since we have MLS Live and sometimes get stuck with the opposing team’s people, but jeez. Between constantly confusing position players (Solignac and Torres? Are there two more different players on the entire team?), using the completely wrong words in sentences, and making awkward comments in general, I probably should have left it on Spanish and enjoyed my own poor translation in my head. Plus then I would have at least had Celo to listen to!

Third thumb down goes to the midfield, or something. I’m not sure what to call the giant gap between the front and the defense because it was a big ol’ bucket of nothing. When one person pushed forward with the ball, nobody else came with. Long passes were constantly going up the field with nobody to catch them. The team was playing totally reactive soccer instead of proactive soccer. It was so frustrating for me to watch player A get the ball, run forward, and players B-Z stand around doing next to nothing. I guess I’ve been spoiled watching the BPL where everyone is constantly running, looking to see what they can do next. Nobody did that tonight.

Photo by Andy Cross/Denver Post via Getty Images
Photo by Andy Cross/Denver Post via Getty Images

Three thumbs up:

stats courtesy of
stats courtesy of

First thumb up goes to Dillon Serna — again. Yeah. He scored our only goal and it was a beaut. He played a great game in general with four shots and two shots on target. I have nothing else to say except I’m so glad he’s back and I hope he stays in the starting lineup — you never know with Pablo.

Second thumb up goes to the Pablostache being gone. It started as a gimmick of sorts, when Pablo’s dad told him he acted too much like a player and needed to start thinking like a coach and, I guess, that turned into grow some manly facial hair? We won’t go into my own feelings about it, but I strongly dislike how much focus has been put on it. I hope now that it’s gone the media will stop pointing at him and saying, “Look at this coach’s suave, hipster facial hair!” and instead say, “Excuse me sir, your team maybe could use some better coaching.” Maybe now we can regard him as a proper coach instead of a caricature of a coach–and maybe that’s what he’ll be.

Third thumb up goes to the possession. While this game was not impressive, I might even call it boring, we did possess the ball most of the time. We didn’t do much with it, but that’s better than not having it. Not only did we have more possession by percentage, but we had a higher percentage of possession most of the time, meaning that we had the ball in our “hands” so to speak for most of the game. Passing wasn’t great, finishing wasn’t great, shooting was okay, but we had the ball and that’s better than the other team having the ball.

Scoring Summary:

DAL: Fabian Castillo (Kyle Bekker) 71′

COL: Dillon Serna (Drew Moor, Vicente Sánchez) 88′

So who gets your thumbs down and up this game, or where was I completely off target? Be sure to let me know and come back for the next Rapids game, against Orlando City SC on Wednesday!

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