Open Cup Match Review: Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC 1, Colorado Rapids 4

Kyle’s Weekly Colorado Corner: Three Thumbs Down, Three Thumbs Up!

The David and Goliath USOC Battle for Colorado domination last night goes to… The Colorado Rapids!

Debutante, Joseph Greenspan celebrating is 32' goal. Photo by PBTYPhoto.
Debutante, Joseph Greenspan celebrating is 32′ goal. Photo by PBTYPhoto.

Three thumbs down:

First thumb down goes to the starting lineup… in principle. Hang on with me. When I looked at the lineup my reaction was literally a jaw drop to the floor. So many rookies, so many guys who haven’t seen a lot of minutes. I had a major emotional gut reaction to expect a lot of poor soccer. I also wasn’t sure what the intention of this lineup was. Get minutes? Great. Form the foundation for a clicking, firing-on-all-cylinders team? Maybe not.

Second thumb down goes to Pablo having to be suspended for us to win. This is not the first game in which we’ve had our manager out and points in. If you will recall the win on 4/10 vs. FC Dallas, Pablo was suspended so Claudio Lopez took his place. We dominated that game and it was against an MLS team. There were a lot of other factors at play but coupled with my lack of confidence in Pablo’s life choices, this makes me suspicious.

Third thumb down goes to the absolutely abysmal coverage of this game. Of all the USOC games played tonight, only two were not broadcast on YouTube or some other streaming service. One was FC Dallas, probably because it was played in Fort Worth and not at Toyota Park, and the other was the Rapids. The Rapids played at home in their stadium, with a full media setup I presume, so the only thing I can anticipate is that Altitude wouldn’t let them stream it. I had no issues watching USOC last year on YouTube, but if I can’t watch the games (and Opta isn’t giving me a heck of a lot of stats, probably because they can’t watch the game either) I have a hard time interacting. Imagine what that does for the casual fan. I’m grateful for Twitter! The Rapids Twitter account did a great job of tweeting a little more than usual since I think they were well aware those of us not at DSG couldn’t watch. (Editor’s note: guess which Round 4 USOC matches scored the most goals last night? The ones that weren’t available for us to watch… For shame.)

Rapids Dominque Badji battles with Switchbacks Greer for the ball in the first half. Photo by Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Rapids’ Dominque Badji vs Switchbacks’ Greer in the first half. Photo by Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports.

Three thumbs up:

First thumb up goes to, um, WINNING. I almost forgot how it feels and totally do not even care how we got here. WE WON A SOCCER GAME.

Second thumb up goes to Dillon Serna. He scored twice, which is awesome since he hasn’t been back with the squad since the beginning of May (he’s been with the U-23 USMNT) and hasn’t been starting since then either. He’s in good fitness despite not starting, which shows since he scored in the 90th minute. Drawing a yellow card is totally forgivable under these circumstances.

Third thumb up goes to the starting lineup… in execution. Okay, okay, okay. I get it. The Open Cup isn’t necessarily something that MLS teams try to win (Seattle takes it reeeeaaaallllyyyyy seriously), and we have a game on Friday against FC Dallas, probably our second biggest rivals behind RSL. So I can understand why the lineup looked the way it did if the intent was to a) rest starters for Friday and, b) give some minutes to younger players. But I did not expect it to turn out four goals! Why did it work? Honestly, Switchbacks is a USL team–that’s probably why. The starters were also probably excited about getting minutes, or excited about the idea of a game they felt they could definitely win. I can’t see this lineup being permanent, of course, but I think some players showed flashes of brilliance and getting playing time can only be a good thing.

Scoring Summary:

COL: Dominique Badji (Cronin, Hairston) 26′

COL: Joseph Greenspan (Serna) 32′

COL: Dillon Serna (LaBrocca) 65′

COS: Jordan Burt 90’+1′

COL: Dillon Serna (Solignac, Pittinari) 90’+3′

So who gets your thumbs down and up this game, or where was I completely off target? Be sure to let me know and come back for the next Rapids game, when we get back to MLS action against FC Dallas on Friday!

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