A Female Football First

While most sports-loving eyes in the U.S. were on Selection Sunday, a world away where soccer has been historically synonymous with masculinity, an attendance record was set. La Liga Femenina Iberdrola did what no other league in the world of women’s club soccer has done. As you watch the women of FC Barcelona Feminí and Atlético de Madrid Feminina grow, remember today they could have been playing at their home stadium with a capacity of 3500 rather than at Atletico men’s team’s Wanda Metropolitano. Rather, 60,739 fans came out to support the players in what is becoming a La Clásica. It truly is beautiful when the adage “if you build it, they will come” proves women’s soccer is on the rise on the global stage. The women of Barcelona defeated two-time defending champion Atletico and cut their lead at the top of the table to three points with six matches remaining.

The Women’s World Cup is a mere three months away, this time there’s no artificial turf to contend with, and the playing field is becoming more level with the rest of the world catching up to the U.S. WNT by investing more in their women’s leagues and teams. The future is looking bright.


Featured Photo: ÁLVARO GARCÍA

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