About Women United



I’ve chosen to keep the name consistent with its past (Women United FC) but want to be clear, this isn’t the beautiful group that Kristi, Malena and their friends created circa 2010. We still represent the female fans and supporters of soccer, but we have decided to open up in a different way. Everyone with a positive contribution deserves to have their voice heard. Every sport they want to address, women’s and men’s is fair game. Why leave anyone out?

Want to join us? We actually do pay per piece. So shoot us a message! Having long been a part of one of the problems plaguing “blogs” I wanted to be part of the solution. You do need to be in the process of finding your voice, your strength and your courage. Some of us take a while to find that. Some of us are lucky to be bold from the start. This is a place to be bold if you are used to being shy. I call it a safe place. An increasingly shrinking platform in today’s social media blitz world. Speaking of which, we don’t live tweet games. There is plenty of that to go around. But, we will have a podcast out soon and we will continue to build something special here that hopefully lasts.

Please remember, this is a platform for new storytellers to try out new things and practice their craft. I hope you enjoy the content we are working on!

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