About Us

Well, I feel I owe you all an explanation… You know that saying about falling down seven times but getting up eight? I am at about the fourth time here. But, here’s the thing, this time I have learned from those mistakes. By the time the Super Bowl comes around and by the time Spring Training for MLB starts and MLS is getting back in gear, we’re going to have a new look and expanded theme.

WUFC, as you know it, will be here, but we have so much more to say. I’m speaking in plural, because I actually have lots of ladies joining me, and, some amazing men you may already know. Thank you Jimmy Conrad! The perspective women have (hey, I’m generalizing, but in my experience, many of us are like this) on sports is well, unique. That means that men’s perspectives are unique too. Both are valid. Both are important. But, how often have you heard a man say, “I don’t have a favorite team. I just love watching the game”? Don’t lie. I love talking to men and women about sports – my favorite sport is the one I played as a child and here is the product of all that. I am terrible at remembering names, years, scores. I’m even worse at predicting results, as I recently discovered but kind of always knew. But, I’m pretty comfortable talking about the relevancy of games, the importance of players from all walks of life and cultures contributing to the growth of a particular sport, and how politics play a role in all games. I’m not saying all men are one way and all women are another. I am saying though that we hope the latest rendition of WUFC is enjoyed by both.

Sports is never just sports. Even in your own backyard. Even when you’re a kid. Even when it’s just at a work event where you’re forced to ‘compete’ in a sack race. We use sports as a platform for social change for a reason. One, it’s fun! Two, the relationships you build, the lessons you learn, impact you on many levels. You learn more than how to score a goal. You learn the value of team, community, self-confidence, humility, etc. I would go on forever – because I talk too much.

Anyway, you’ll hear too much from me then. I hope you enjoy the content for the rest of the year. We have writers from all over the world and we will be updating this weekly.