LAFC – A ReSounding 4-1 Win Over the Seattle Sounders.

LAFC and Seattle donned their Easter finest parley kits, and gave soccer fans something to cheer about. Beautiful ball from two teams who have been perfecting their passes to well beyond 80% completion. But the 4-1 final score today meant LAFC stays on top of the West, and Seattle get handed their first loss of the season. There’s nothing sweet about the moment the last undefeated team of a league loses. Carlos Vela, Eduard Atuesta and Christian Ramirez provided the home side’s goals and Harry Shipp gave Seattle’s lone reply, when he easily knocked one in past a slipping Jordan Harvey in the 51st minute.

Three LAFC Takeaways:

  1. That midfield. Say what you will about the non-starters who got their chance last Wednesday against the Whitecaps, but today’s lineup was sharp. Mark-Anthony Kaye and Eduard Atuesta took control of the pace of play and assisted all LAFC’s goals. Speaking of Kaye, his name doesn’t go unmentioned by his teammates. Vela explains, “It’s not just about the passes. He’s always helping the attacking three. He’s always helping in the flow…” A healthy and happy Kaye is a sustainable engine that runs the attacking momentum of LAFC. Let’s hope it stays that way this season.
  2. Carlos Vela gets the last laugh. After a disappointing midweek match, LAFC’s captain scored twice today to stay as MLS’ goal-scoring leader. His first was a toe poke in the 12th minute, his next a smooth workaround in the 55th minute making the seasoned Stefan Frei look outclassed.
  3. LAFC score as a team. Though Vela and Diego Rossi own most of the season’s goals for their team (16 of 25), looking at the big picture, 8 players have scored this season. It’s not a one-man show though sometimes it is narrated that way. Carlos Vela’s “team-first” mentality manifests in his 5-assists this year, tying another key playmaker, Kaye.

It is just week 8 but LAFC retain hold of the top of the table, secure their hold of the midfield at the Banc of California, and Vela keeps his crown for now. Next weekend’s rematch is at CenturyLink Field. In case you forgot, there’s one factor worth mentioning. “Next week’s going to be a different game, in part because it’s going to be on turf,” Bob Bradley remarked.


featured image by Imad Bolotok

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